Our Staff

Our Staff

Fruitways strives to attract and retain talented people at all levels in the organisation and become the employer of choice in our industry.

While we aim to create a culture based on the principles of integrity, honesty and dignity, we also set high performance standards in order to meet our customer, shareholder and employee expectations. We realise that those standards can only be maintained by investing in the continuous development of people. 

In implementing progressive talent management practises, we strive to create an environment where happy and engaged employees know what is expected of them, have the necessary tools and skills to do their job, are motivated to perform and have the opportunity to learn and develop their talents further.

Fruitways employs up to 2500 people in peak season, providing opportunities in the horticulture, technical, packing, marketing, logistics, financial, human resources and information management fields.

We offer market related cost to company remuneration including benefits like medical aid and retirement funds to all permanent employees. Other employee assistance practises include crèches, clinics, social worker services, sport facilities and housing where appropriate.