Social Investment

Social Investment

The Fruitways Foundation

Our social responsibility and investment programs start with our 2500 employees that work for Fruitways.

The Fruitways Foundation was established in 2009 to facilitate our CSI efforts in the following areas:

  • Employee Wellness
  • Child Care
  • Training and Education
  • Housing


Employee Wellness

  • We provide clinic services at all farms and packhouses
  • We provide a social worker available to all Fruitways employees, including alcohol and substance abuse support programs.
  • We support regular HIV & AIDS testing and support program.
  • We support regular TB testing and support program.



  • We fund and support crèches on our farms or in our community.

Training and Education

  • We sponsor bursaries for previously disadvantaged individuals in fields associated with our business.
  • We established, together with the Albert Heijn Foundation, the resource centres – with a computer centre and library for use by children and the farming community.
  • We make various annual and ad hoc awards or donations to schools within the community.



  • We ensure that farm accommodation & housing are of a high standard and that  we comply to the country's laws governing tenure rights.